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Posted on Dec 13, 2020 in Home & Lifestyle |

Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Finding a Good Company

Old hardwood floors are not very easy to refinish. The wood has an uneven surface and scratches and other damages make refinishing even more challenging. When old, scratched wood is sanded, stained or polished it is not as strong as the new wood. That’s when you start to contact wood floors installers with your project and ask them what kind of location is best for refinishing. Here are some things they might say.

“We can do that at your home or at the store.” This answer will be good if they are referring to a store or home improvement store. You may still have to get the installation crew from those places to come to your house. There are still some big expenses involved in doing the old hardwood floor refinishing at home, if the refinishing is to be done at home. So the question becomes, “Have you already purchased the necessary materials for that?”

The first thing they usually say when I suggest they refinish my old hardwood floors is, “We can give you a quote for that”. They may have made contact with a company that does that or they may have received a referral from someone else. But it’s always good to have an estimate in writing so there is some kind of agreement on the price.

Next they will say, “To refinish your hardwood floors you will need: a sander, a buffer, wood filler, sanding drum, wood glue, sealer, wax, and miter saw”. OK, that is all the equipment they will own to do the job. They will give me the name and number of the sander they use and the buffer they use but I have never seen any details about the sander or the buffer they use. If they don’t tell you what they use or how to use it then don’t bother with them. You are looking for a company that has more experience in doing old hardwood floor refinishing than you. The last thing you want is a finisher that doesn’t know what they are doing or that just doesn’t care.

If you are not satisfied with their selection of the equipment and the detailed explanation of the process, just give them a call and tell them you are unhappy with the results of their floor finish and would like some assistance in selecting the right products. Most companies will try to help you with advice or recommendations. Just don’t sign up with anyone who won’t tell you what they use to do the sanding, grinding, staining, and sealing of wood floors. If the company doesn’t provide adequate information about how they do the work then don’t do business with them.

If you don’t feel comfortable trying to find out what kind of experience they have with hardwood floor refinishing then don’t do business with them. They don’t deserve your time or your money. Old hardwood floors are beautiful and add character to your home. Take the extra time to find a good wooden floor refinishing expert that does quality work. Good luck!


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