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Posted on Jan 13, 2021 in Home & Lifestyle |

Different Types of Laminated Flooring

Laminated flooring is quite popular for many reasons, and this type of flooring can help you save money when you are remodeling a room in your home. Laminated flooring is simply a multi-layered synthetic flooring surface fused with a laminated laminating process. Laminated flooring simulates real wood with an optical translucent layer over a clear protective coating. The inner core is typically made up of a melamine resin, fiber board, and composite materials.

There are many different types of laminated flooring that can be chosen from, and it helps to know what types are within your budget and what kind of flooring fits your room. This article will be discussing the four most popular styles of laminated flooring. The first type is tile flooring. Tile is very inexpensive and can be used on any level in the home. Tile flooring has a professional look that can really make a room stand out.

The second type of laminate flooring that we will discuss is real wood flooring. Real wood flooring comes in two different varieties: solid hardwood boards and engineered hardwood boards. Engineered wood is also called pre-finished hardwood. Engineered hardwood boards have a finish applied to them at the manufacturing plant that will last a lifetime. When choosing real wood floors, you must make sure that they are properly sealed and that they will not stain over time.

The third option is composite planks. Composite planks are made of various materials and can be purchased in a wide array of colors and patterns. These planks are made by gluing various plastics together under high pressure. When these planks are exposed to the air, they bond with the plastic and will become one piece. Most laminate floors will contain one of these planks as an option for you.

The fourth option that we will talk about is bamboo. Bamboo is an incredibly durable and strong wood that has been utilized in flooring applications for many years. When comparing bamboo to real wood, it is often found that bamboo has a higher R-value than that of hardwoods. This refers to the amount of resistance that the product contains when under normal circumstances. Resistance measures the ability of laminated flooring to withstand being walked on by individuals with substantial size and strength.

The fifth option that we will be discussing is called glueless laminate floors. These planks have absolutely no way to come into contact with the ground and do not retain any type of glue once they are installed. Instead, these planks use a special type of adhesive that is used to seal the planks together. Glued planks are extremely durable, but will require a little more attention when cleaning, compared to other types of glueless planks. Once all the dust has been removed from your new laminated floor, you can expect it to last approximately fifteen years. Visit the nearest flooring company in your are for more info on laminated flooring.